Laji Hair & Make designed by UMA

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Laji Hair & Make logotype and pastel paper business cards designed by UMA

Laji is a hair and make-up studio located in the city of Osaka, Japan, with a distinctive interior design developed by dot architects. It features chipboard dividers and mirror frames, pegboard panels, strip lighting, exposed concrete ceilings, brick walls and utilities, concrete cast with wood surface texture, red stained floors as well as custom furniture created by Ryohei Yoshiyuki. It is a combination that makes the space appear more like an urban art studio or on-trend coffee shop rather than anything you might traditionally associate with a make-up and hairstyling space which, when considered alongside the studio’s identity, designed by UMA, is very likely the point. The project included logotype, business cards, discount certificates and postcards.

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Fat Cow designed by Foreign Policy

Logo and menu for specialist beef restaurant Fat Cow designed by Foreign Policy

Fat Cow is a specialist beef restaurant, located on Singapore’s Orchard Boulevard, that takes a Japanese Wabi Sabi approach to meat selection, preparation and presentation. The restaurant’s visual identity, developed by design bureau and think tank Foreign Policy, reflects this pragmatic approach to cooking with a simple visual combination of monogram, sans-serif logo-type and seared wood finish.

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