JOC designed by Francesc Moret

Monogram designed by Francesc Moret for wine range Jordi Oliver Conti

JOC is a wine range produced by Jordi Oliver Conti from vines selected for their rarity, geographical location and limited production. JOC’s identity, developed by Barcelona based art director and graphic designer Francesc Moret, is founded on the three elemental characteristics of wine; tani, acid and sweet with a personal, monogrammatic resolution.

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Quarterly Co. designed by Oak

Logo designed by Oak for Quarterly Co.

Quarterly Co. describes itself as ‘a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting’ and is an on-line subscription based service that delivers, on a quarterly basis, curated products selected by influential bloggers, designers and artists. Each package is built around a unique concept or story reflective of the philosophies of each contributor providing the subscriber with a tangible link to the people they follow in the digital world. Contributors include, among others, Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs, Josh Rubin & Evan Orensten (from Cool Hunting) and Tina Roth Eisenberg. Quarterly’s visual identity, created by web, app and brand design studio Oak (who also developed the service), is an interesting combination of a utilitarian postal aesthetic, retro illustrative details, badge and san serif logo-type.

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Sir Taste-A-Lot designed by Neumeister

Packaging with illustrative detail and copper still print finish designed by Neumeister for low alcohol beer brand Sir Taste-A-Lot

Sir Taste-A-Lot is a new low alcohol beer from Brutal Brewing, a small craft brewery operated part time by the employees of Spendrups, a leading Swedish brewer, and is responsible for beers such as Cheap Thrills, Pistonhead Cruisin Lager and Hale To Nothing. Based around the themes of science and craft, Stockholm based design agency Neumeister developed a packaging solution that confidently blends an etched illustrative style with a non-format, mixed typographic approach and copper treatment.

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