Hidraulik by Hey, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Hidraulik x Hey, a new range of 100% PVC floor and table mats inspired by 20th century modernism

Hidraulik is a Barcelona-based business producing floor mats, table mats and runners for contemporary spaces. These are inspired by cement panels hydraulically pressed, rather than fired, with a layer of coloured pigment.

Hydraulic panels originated in the 1850’s and experienced a resurgence in the mid 20th century. At that time they would often feature brightly coloured and detailed patterns, and were popular during an era of personalisation and interior self-expression. Hidraulik brings these right up to date, applying a similar aesthetic quality to a thin, flexible and moveable PVC surface.

The first range was made up of Art Nouveau-inspired prints designed in house, and was followed up by modernist-inspired prints created by Huaman, the graphic design studio also responsible for Hidraulik’s brand identity and packaging.

This week sees the launch of Hidrualik’s latest range, created by Barcelona-based graphic design studio Hey. These build on the retrospective references of Huaman’s designs but with some of the idiosyncrasies of Hey’s own work, often convivial in colour, form and composition. Hydraulic describe this new range as diverging from but still honouring something of the modernist traditions that inspires the brand.

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Gretas by 25AH, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Script logotype for Stockholm-based cafe Gretas at Haymarket designed by 25AH, Sweden

Gretas is a café set within the Haymarket, a hotel located at the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. The building was formerly home to a famous department store that dates back to the early 20th century and was the place where actress Greta Garbo was discovered while working at one of the concessions.

25AH, the Scandinavian graphic design studio behind Haymarket’s own brand identity, as well as Paul’s, a restaurant also situated within the hotel, worked on the brand identity for Gretas. Where Paul’s was darker and more robust in colour and type, inspired by the hotel’s signage, Greta’s is light and personable, drawing on an informal interior, whilst working in the iconic status and history of its location through name and illustration. The project went on to include signage, packaging, menus, stationery and business cards.

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Paul’s at Haymarket by 25AH, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branded bill clip for Stockholm-based restaurant Paul's at Haymarket by 25AH, Sweden

Paul’s is a restaurant located in the Haymarket hotel which is situated at the heart of the Swedish capital of Stockholm. The restaurant is named after Paul U. Bergström, founder of a well-known department store that previously occupied the building, and features a distinctive period interior of bent wood chairs, white tiles, leather banquette seating, marble surfaces and art deco-inspired flourishes. This is a reflection of Paul’s menu which is inspired by classical European cuisine and the American grill from the turn of the century.

Scandinavian graphic design studio 25AH created a visual identity for Paul’s that although simple in its graphic expression, draws on Haymarket’s signage, unchanged since the 1920s, the history of the building, the restaurant’s period interior and its European and American menu. This is expressed through type, neon signage and materiality which links rich interior design with a more restrained set of printed materials that included matchbooks, menus, postcards, tableware and bill clips.

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