BP&O Collections — Inserts

Selected by Richard Baird.

BP&O Collections — Inserts

A continually updated gallery of graphic identity design work, reviewed and published on BP&O, that feature an insert component. Where inserts have traditionally sat loosely within newspapers and magazines, quite separate from content and often adverts, the examples here are bound in and characterised by a proportional difference, either smaller than the cover, punctuating content in size, colour and content, or oversized, protruding from cover, teasing content. Their intentions vary, some simply divide content and signal change, others augment image with technical insight, or build layers, juxtaposing image to emphasis or bring new meaning.

This post features work by Kurppa Hosk, Multiadaptor and Richards Partners, and covers a variety of projects, from architecture and property development to university prospectus’ and exhibitions. Highlights include AKU’s use of fluorescent colour reflected onto oversized inserts, the oversized portfolio-like cover of Studio Hi Ho’s brochure for Whitlam Place, and the layering and contrast employed by Spy for their work with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

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