Arjowiggins Curious Matter x FIAC designed by The Bakery

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Graphic design by The Bakery for Arjowiggins

FIAC is an annual contemporary arts fair where galleries from across the world gather and present work by the emerging artists they represent. The fair takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris and runs for four days during October. Paper merchant Arjowiggins, a longstanding partner, continued to support the event by providing material for FIAC’s catalogue and event guides. This year, these featured a distinctive bookmark created by Moscow-based graphic design studio The Bakery and printed by Generation Press, as a way to further showcase the merchant’s Curious Matter range.

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Mitsuori Architects designed by Hunt &Co.

Logo and business card design by Hunt & Co. for Melbourne based architectural design studio Mitsuori Architects. Featured on bpando.org

Mitsuori Architects is an architectural design studio that creates high quality structures and spaces that merge aesthetic beauty with careful planning and thoughtful detailing. Their large scale project experience is combined with the flexibility of a smaller practice allowing them to provide big clients with a personalised service.

Mitsuori’s visual identity, designed by Melbourne based Hunt & Co. and informed by a name that translates from Japanese as three-fold, does not speak of individuality or differentiation, but of neutrality and common architectural principles and considerations such as light and shade, structure, materials, processes and form within three-dimensional space. These are effectively delivered through few but well designed assets that include type and material choice, fold and finish across the studio’s stationery, website and signage.

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Skovin designed by Heydays

Catalogue with coloured paper and die cut cover designed by Heydays for Norwegian high-end wood flooring supplier Skovin

Skovin is Norwegian, high-end, solid wood floor specialist that combines ancient craftsmanship with modern technologies. By mixing a wood veneer business card and a traditional name drawn from the old word Skøyen, the area in Oslo where the company was founded, with geometric shapes and die cuts, panels of flat colour and sans-serif typography, Skovin’s identity, designed by Heydays, intends to express the company’s fusion of past and present process.

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