Jamsheed Laneway designed by Cloudy Co.

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo with graffiti spray detail and fluorescent ink print finish designed by Cloudy Co. for Jamsheed's Laneway variety

Jamsheed is a Yarra Valley boutique winery named after a Persian king that, according to ancient writings, through his fondness for storing fresh grapes in jars discovered wine. Jamsheed recently worked with Melbourne based Cloudy Co., the design studio behind its brand identity, on the launch of its new Laneway label, a variety created specifically for the growing Japanese wine bar market.

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Mitsuori Architects designed by Hunt &Co.

Logo and business card design by Hunt & Co. for Melbourne based architectural design studio Mitsuori Architects. Featured on bpando.org

Mitsuori Architects is an architectural design studio that creates high quality structures and spaces that merge aesthetic beauty with careful planning and thoughtful detailing. Their large scale project experience is combined with the flexibility of a smaller practice allowing them to provide big clients with a personalised service.

Mitsuori’s visual identity, designed by Melbourne based Hunt & Co. and informed by a name that translates from Japanese as three-fold, does not speak of individuality or differentiation, but of neutrality and common architectural principles and considerations such as light and shade, structure, materials, processes and form within three-dimensional space. These are effectively delivered through few but well designed assets that include type and material choice, fold and finish across the studio’s stationery, website and signage.

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