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Sunchips is a multi-grain crisp product of Frito-Lay based in New York (and owned by PepsiCo) which was launched back in 1991. In 2009 Sunchips were introduced as the first crisp product to use compostable packaging into the market. Unfortunately in October 2010 these came under scrutiny as a large number of complaints emerged stating that it was overtly loud, Frito-Lay responded by pulling all the but their original flavour.

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Gauthier Water Bottle

Gauthier Water Bottle Packaging

Marketing and communications specialist Gauthier have sent out a limited run of glass water bottles as a gift to its clients with an environmental message to choose glass over plastic. The packaging’s minimal/maximal design approach, taking a simple white rectangle and imparting a strong and inspiring visual message on the interior walls, utilises its gift proposition to defy retail convention and deliver subtlety first and impact second.

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