New Victory Theatre by Pentagram

Opinion by Richard Baird

Brand identity for New Victory Theatre by Pentagram

The New Victory Theatre, located on New York’s 42nd Street, is described as the city’s first and only not for profit performing arts venue for kids and families. It has a programme that covers a multitude of artistic disciplines and draws on traditions from a variety of cultures. Alongside performances and family workshops the theatre also seeks to offer performing arts education and engagement, new work development and furthers paid youth employment and training.

Pentagram partner Paula Scher and team worked to develop a visual identity for the theatre and collaborated with architecture firm H3 to conceive and implement a lobby space that would better engage with theatre visitors. A ribbon motif becomes the foundation of a bright and celebratory visual language. This is expanded upon spatially and materially across signage and a 51-foot-long centrepiece mural made of felt.

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LogoArchive Issue 4

LogoArchive Issue 4 edited and designed by Richard Baird, published by BP&O

The first issue of LogoArchive was conceived, designed and sent to the printers within a day. It was inspired by a panel discussion that took place the day before at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print! Tearing It Up. Following a successful launches of the first, second, third and Extra Issue, LogoArchive returns with its fourth release. This is dedicated to the symbols of architecture and features a cover symbol by Tomoko Miho for Omniplan.

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Issue 4 is available from Counter-print (UK), MagCulture (UK), MagmaBooks (UK), Standards Manual (USA), Lorem not Ipsum (Switzerland), Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum (Netherlands), Draw Down Books (USA) and Import News (USA)

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LogoArchive ExtraSpecial Issue – Canada Modern (Signed)

LogoArchive ExtraSpecial Issue – Canada Modern (Signed)

Following its third release, LogoArchive mixed things up with an Extra Issue in collaboration with Canada Modern. Designed and edited by Blair Thomson, and documenting the forms and colour of Canada’s modernist symbols, this issue was distinguished from the series by its Colorplan Bright Red and full-colour gatefold Chrolomux insert dedicated to the work of Gottschalk+Ash for outdoor advertising company Claude Neon. The ExtraIssue was limited to 600 copies, with 50 of these being an ExtraSpecial edition signed by the designers Stuart Ash, Glenn Fretz and Burton Kramer. This will be followed in August with LogoArchive Issue 4. Sign up here for release notifications.

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