Tanoshii Ramen Bar designed by Mast, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Menus, coasters and gift certificates for Dallas based ramen restaurant Tanoshii designed by Mast

Ramen is a Japanese meat broth and wheat-noodle soup that originated in China and is now embraced internationally. While many enjoy instant versions, the best is said to be prepared over days and is the product, and some would say the art form, of a creative and experienced chef. These are the values of Tanoshii. As the first dedicated ramen bar in Dallas, Texas, Tanoshii will act as an introduction to the variety and distinctive flavours of ramen. This role is reflected within the bar’s interior design and identity treatment, developed by Denver based design studio Mast, through Western modernity and current restaurant trends, the detail of Eastern cultural references, and a little of the local area. The project went on to include menu design, interior graphics, gift certificates and coasters.

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