Google Chrome designed by Office

Chrome Logo

After the speculation of last week, Google has started rolling out a new version of their logo designed by Office. Although a bit paler than the mock-up we did last week this is a significant improvement, you can read BP&O’s earlier review here.

More brand identity design work featured on BP&O:

Logo - Paul Loebach  Logo - Nosive Strukture  Logo - Blingcrete


New logo for Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a Japanese company set up during the 1930’s as rubber manufacture, well known for its past involvement in Formula 1 and motor racing it has grown to become the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. To mark its 80th anniversary its logo has undergone a number of revisions to better reflect and expand on the global corporate philosophy of “Serving Society with Superior Quality” established by the founder Shojiro Ishibashi.

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Kumuka (meaning ‘the beginning of a journey’) is a travel company established in 1983 that provides over 450 different trips for adventurous families and group parties. They operate tours in over 75 countries with a mission to provide people with the opportunity to “experience their holiday to the maximum”. This week sees the introduction of their new logo designed to better capture the adventure and diversity of the trips they provide.

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