Ren Musli designed by Anders Engen

Conceptual packaging designed by Anders Engen, Petter Samuelsen and Marius Holtmon for Mølleren's Ren Musli.

Ren Musli is a conceptual collaboration between Anders Engen, Petter Samuelsen and Marius Holtmon for Møllerens, the name meaning pure and clean in Norwegian was used to target a demographic who aspire to live healthy ecologically conscious lives.

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Manpower by Martin Agency

Logo by Martin Agency for international employment agency Manpower

Manpower is an international employment agency based in the US, established in 1948 they now have over 3,900 offices in 82 countries and as an agency represents over 4.4 million workers serving some of the worlds largest multinationals. This week they announced that they will be rebranding for the first time in 16 years which will see a change in name and visual identity developed in collaboration with Martin Agency.

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Seiland House designed by Eirik Gihle

Logo designed by Eirik Gihle for hotel and conference centre Seiland House

Seiland House is a hotel and conference centre in the north of Seiland Island off the coast of Norway where visitors can experience its glaciers and northern lights. A former boarding house and school, Seiland House has recently undergone a re-brand by Norwegian based designer Eirik Gihle who has captured the essence of the islands countryside.

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