Beanworks by Paul Belford Ltd, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Coffee packaging for roaster and supplier Beanworks designed by Paul Belford

Beanworks is a UK wholesale coffee roaster and supplier, coffee machine specialist and barista training school. It prepares its beans using a customised vintage Italian drum roasting machine that allow it to digitally monitor process, and produces a range of single and multi-origin coffee varieties. Although the roaster embraces contemporary artisanal coffee culture, when it comes to naming conventions it favours the utility of numbers, over a current preference for the quirky. This juxtaposition of artisanal practice and an element of wholesale utility makes its way into a packaging design and brand identity treatment developed by London based graphic design studio Paul Belford Ltd.

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Privacy International designed by Paul Belford Ltd.

Logo and print with perforated detail designed by This Is Real Art for Privacy International

Privacy International is a UK based non-profit organisation established in 1990 to monitor the security intrusions of governments and business, increase the awareness of data protection concerns and establish ‘new forms of privacy advocacy’ at an international level. Made up of computer professionals, academics, lawyers, journalists and human rights campaigners the organisation has worked on initiatives across fifty countries and is funded by British privacy activist Simon Davies.

Design Studio This Is Real Art, now Paul Belford Ltd, worked with Privacy International to develop a new visual identity. The result blends a redacted visual device, synonymous with restricted government intelligence, a simple perforated material treatment, patterns and webcam stickers to make global security relevant and understandable at a personal level.

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