Monkey Pick by Coba&Associates

Packaging design by Coba Associates for gourmet tea range Monkey Pick

Belgrade based design agency Coba & Associates have recently created the visual identity and packaging solution for Monkey Pick, a new range of gourmet teas produced from leaves, fruit and berries collected by trained monkeys from hard to reach places. Coba’s design solution is an interesting contrast of a modern and conventional high gloss plastic and the more traditional craft-based aesthetic of a card structural design, patterns, fine line work, deep tones and a gold spot colour alongside a simple, well spaced typographic mix of a personal (and quality assured) script signature, classic serif and contemporary sans serif.

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Hotel Daniel designed by Moodley

Logo designed by Moodley for Vienna and Graz based luxury hotel Daniel

Daniel is a hotel located in the Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz with a smart, urban, luxury proposition and a history dating back to 1886. Daniel’s visual identity, designed by brand specialist Moodley, reflects the contemporary simplicity, high quality, personal service and heritage of the brand through a stamp based logo-mark, plenty of white space and subtle texture.

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S-AR designed by Savvy

Logo design by Savvy for architecture and urban design firm Stación-ARquitectura

Stación-ARquitectura (S-AR) is a Monterrey (MX) based architectural and urban design firm established in 2003 by Cesar Guerrero, Ana Cecilia Garza, Carlos Flores and Maria Sevilla. Based around a simple sans serif logo-type their new visual identity, created by multidisciplinary design agency Savvy, confidently brings together Helvetica, grid based print and on-line layouts, a monochromatic colour palette and uncoated substrate to unify pragmatism and structure with a subtle art and craft twist.

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