The Washington Post Magazine by Snask, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Graphic design by Snask for The Washington Post Magazine's The Favourites List

Following an extensive studio search The Washington Post, one of America’s most widely circulated newspapers, commissioned Stockholm based graphic design studio Snask to illustrate The Favorite’s Issue with a fun and tactile idea that would unite, amongst others, topics such as food and drink, music, art and the outdoors. Snask’s concept is informed by the essence and characteristics of each topic, and individually visualised through form, texture, colour, process and material variety. These are combined to create a rich cover, spread and set of single typographic panels bound by a physical crafted quality.

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Black Visual Archive by Fivethousand Fingers

Logo by Fivethousand Fingers for Black Visual Archive, an on-line collection of critical texts on African American artists

Founded in 2010 by Meg Onli, Black Visual Archive is an on-line collection of “critical writings that contextualise the work of African American artists through historical and visual history”, and is “dedicated to the documentation and review of contemporary black and post-black visual culture” through the release of “regular texts on contemporary artists, works and exhibitions.”

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