PizzaLuxe — Trinity Kitchen Leeds by The Touch Agency

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Print for PizzaLuxe designed by Touch and illustrated by Damien Weighill

PizzaLuxe began in 2011 as a single restaurant located on London’s Brick Lane hand making good-value, freshly baked pizzas using locally sourced, ‘deluxe’ ingredients. To coincide with an expansion into the Stratford’s Westfield Centre, the brand approached Edinburgh-based design studio The Touch Agency in 2013 to develop a new visual identity that would communicate their core values within a more ‘polished’ environment.

In 2014, The Touch Agency continued to expand on their original visual identity as PizzaLuxe opened its third location within the street-food themed space of Trinity Kitchen in Leeds, designing new menus, business cards, coasters, promotional cards and broadening illustration. To coincide with the launch of The Touch Agency’s new website, this post was updated August 2017 with brand new images.

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DF / Mexico designed by BuroCreative

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Print, menus and packaging by BuroCreative for UK Mexican dining concept DF / Mexico. Featured on bpando.org

DF / Mexico is the latest restaurant concept from the creators of Mexican market food experience Wahaca. Located on London’s Hanbury St. the restaurant combines an informal diner-style setting with Mexican fast-food and modern American influences. Its brand identity, a broad combination of print, signage, environmental graphics and website design by BuroCreative, is built around a simple mix of condensed type, iconography, patterns and a limited colour palette. These have been extensively remixed across a variety of surfaces to deliver a distinctive, diverse and cohesive visual impact. The project included signage, flyers, menus and packaging.

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La Taverna Del Suculent designed by Comité

Logotype designed by Comité for Spanish kitchen and bar La Taverna Del Suculent

La Taverna Del Suculent is a traditional kitchen and table-less bar in the Spanish city of Barcelona. It serves homemade dishes and is described as the “next door restaurant”, a place for those looking to avoid cotton napkins and pretentious waiters, and are happy to settle for vermuth, la caña and cheese.

La Taverna Del Suculent’s brand identity, designed by Comité, respects and draws on many of the characteristics and design assets from the original restaurant, whilst introducing what the studio describe as a blackguard touch. This is visualised through a bright red ink, uncoated and unbleached boards, white porcelain dishes, traditional pottery and classic glassware, a new stamp inspired by bullfight graphics, as well as a simple diamond pattern, retro order book and hand painted signage. The treatment takes many well-established typographical details of the past, subtle cultural references and executes these with a contemporary restraint, quality and consistency. The project included business cards, coasters and menus.

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