Bulbo designed by Anagrama

Logo and business card with silver foil detail for high-end boutique lighting shop and interior planning service Bulbo designed by Anagrama

Bulbo is a San Pedro, (MX) based boutique lighting shop that specialises in high-end products and interior planning. The brand approached independent design agency Anagrama to develop a visual identity that would unite the company’s experience of light and space with the contemporary elegance of their products.

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Speed Republic designed by James Kape

Logo designed by James Kape for South African high-end motor vehicle trader Speed Republic

Speed Republic is a new South African trader and retailer of high-end motor vehicles. The company’s identity, created by New York based Australian freelance designer James Kape, unites the idea of freedom, the open road and a sense of high quality with a simple and iconic logo-mark based on the No Limit highway sign.

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The Super Cool designed by Studio Alto

Logotype designed by Studio Alto for Australian mobile retail experience The Supercool

The Super Cool is an Australian mobile retail experience that sells an eclectic and affordable mix of everyday household objects from both local and international designers. Their identity, created by Melbourne-based agency Studio Alto, resolves the brand’s vision of accessible design and quirky shopping experience with a hand drawn vintage aesthetic.

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