Felix de Pass by Andreas Neophytou

Felix de Pass - Logo design and print work by Andreas Neophytou

Felix de Pass is a freelance product, furniture and interior designer who focuses on creating functional pieces and believes that “aesthetics should derive from material construction, rational thinking and necessity.” His identity, designed by Andreas Neophytou, an art director at Spring, is based around a bespoke typeface and mark solution that resolves the unique and utilitarian nature of Felix’s work.

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Klar Tale by Strømme Throndsen Design

Packaging created by Strømme Throndsen Design for Dent's fresh breath and a clear throat pastel brand Klar Tale

Klar Tale (Clear Voice) is a new brand of sugar free lozenge produced by Dent created to provide fresh breath and a clear throat for the young adult market. The brand’s new packaging, designed by Oslo based studio Strømme Throndsen, has a light but playful aesthetic that manages to balance a sense of effectiveness with a style that plays well to a social, communicative and self conscious demographic.

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Getner designed by Anagrama

Logo for payroll management company Getner designed by Anagrama

Getner is a payroll management company focused on the Latin American market. Their new identity, designed Mexico based brand development agency Anagrama, fuses a simple logo-type and flag like logo-mark solution to characterise a personal service delivered to big business.

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