Albury Furnished Properties by A Friend Of Mine

Albury Furnished Properties

Albury Furnished Properties is a company specialising in modern, furnished and serviced accommodation for business professionals and travellers located in New South Wales, Australia. Their new brand identity, designed by Melbourne based A Friend Of Mine, captures the complete nature of the service in a modular and expanding identity.

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Tonic designed by Little Big Brands

Packaging by Little Big Brands for fruit based energy shot range Tonic

Originally named ‘Potion’, Tonic is a healthy range of fruit based energy ‘shot’ products that have been designed to fit into the natural food market. Their re-brand, managed by New York based Little Big Brands created an aesthetic that captures the products unusual blend of effective natural ingredients and energy drink proposition.

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100th Post – Top 5 Brand Identity Projects


I had set up another article for today but realised I will be hitting my 100th post and thought it would be a good opportunity to put together a list of my top 5 brands reviewed over the past four months. It would be great to get some opinions on my choices, good or bad.

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