The Promontory by Dan Blackman, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo, menus and coasters designed by Dan Blackman for Chicago restaurant, bar and entertainment venue The Promontory

The Promontory is an American bar, restaurant and entertainment venue located on Chicago’s Lake Park Ave. It has an interior that mixes urban details such as neon signage and concrete floors with the industrial qualities of exposed beams and utilities, the earthy textures of freshly cut logs, light wood tables and dark wood panelling, and the craft associated with traditionally made furniture. The restaurant also features a modern hearth of brick and stainless steel. This interior is a reflection of the restaurant’s menu which is described as being made up of “contemporary American food highlighting historic dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven”.

The Promontory’s brand identity, created by New York based Dan Blackman and extending across menus, coasters and signage, draws on the cues set by the interior design through type contrast, but also introduces a current sense of craft through paper choice, hand stamped finishes, material texture and illustration.

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