James Turrell; Jardín Botánico by Savvy, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for James Turrell Jardín Botánico by graphic design studio Savvy

Botanico Culiacan is a 10 acre botanical garden, designed and built by Tatiana Bilbao in 2012, and located in the city of Culiacán, México. The garden is dedicated to conservation, eduction and botanical investigation, plays host to a variety of cultural events and is home to a contemporary art collection commissioned specifically for the space.

Botanico Culiacan’s latest installation, James Turell’s Encounter, is the first public skyspace in Latin America. The work continues to express James Turell’s interest in light, colour and empty white space through programmed lighting within a domed enclosure and a small opening that frames the sky. This is further explored within the exhibition’s brand identity treatment, created by graphic design studio Savvy, using panels of ink, regions of unprinted space, blind emboss, glossy surfaces and a mix of type and image.

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Loot designed by Savvy

Logotype, stationery and print designed by Savvy for Mexican surf and lifestyle store Loot. Featured on bpando.org

Loot is a surf and lifestyle store retailing distinctive products for a modern and global consumer and offers an alternative to the more commercial items from retailers typically found in its touristic location in the Mexican city of Zihuatanejo. Loot’s brand identity, designed by Savvy, draws its character and distinction from Zihuatanejo’s past as a hotspot for pirates, and visualised as a combination of regional historical elements and modern pop culture, allowing it to be relevant to both the local community and international shoppers.

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Shaun Ford & Co. designed by Savvy

Logotype and business card with block foil detail designed by Savvy for bespoke furniture design firm Shaun Ford & Co.

Shaun Ford & Co. is a Canadian bespoke furniture an interiors business that creates tailored environments for the sophisticated, style conscious consumer, and whose work revolves around a timeless approach to space. Each piece of furniture is designed with careful consideration given to the years that it will have to coexist within a particular environment and with the intention that each acquires further value over time. These ideas informed the development of its new brand identity, designed by Savvy, and visualised through type, material, layout and print finish.

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