Maréna Beauté designed by We Are Bold

Logo and packaging with copper foil detail designed by We Are Bold for Swedish cosmetics brand Maréna Beauté

Maréna Beauté is a new Swedish cosmetics brand, founded in 2013 by make-up artist Diarry Maréna, that creates high quality products for people with dark skin types. Stockholm-based design studio We Are Bold were commissioned by Maréna to develop a brand identity solution for her range of foundations, powders and blushers—which included a monogram, logo-type and packaging design—that would appeal to a market currently underserved by other premium cosmetic brands.

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Norwegian Academy of Music by Neue

Logo and stationery with silver foil detail for the Norwegian Academy of Music designed by Neue

Located in the Majorstuen district of Oslo The Norwegian Academy of Music is Norway’s largest music academy. It offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses, has educated some of Norway’s most prolific musicians, and, according to Wikipedia, ‘attempts to lay the foundation for research within the various fields of music’.

Based around the concept of an ‘endless visual pulse’, design agency Neue developed a new generative logo system for the academy that takes the sounds of students practicing, the conversations of the cafeteria and the applause of the concert halls, and allows these to resonate through a number of graphic elements set above and below a horizontal line to form a responsive and geometric waveform.

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The Best of BP&O — Brand Identities of 2013

Top 5 Brand Identity Projects of 2013 featured on BP&O

Highlights this year have included new websites and work from Heydays and The Company you Keep, a multitude of new brand identity developments from Anagrama and Bunch, and a brutalist inspired piece by London based design studio St.

However, there were five projects that really stood out for me that have made it into BP&O’s top five of 2013, a feature that brings together what I believe to be the most interesting of the year for another opportunity to be seen and shared. These include an oversized twist on the smallest digital measure, a logotype taken out and about, bright pattern work, some solid use of material texture, print finish and photography as well as typographic contrast and a good use of unprinted space.

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