The Best of BP&O — October 2018

Selected by Richard Baird.

The Best Graphic Design — October 2018

October’s highlights included property identities for 246 Queen and The Maitland by Studio South and Studio Brave, respectively. There were, however, five projects that stood out and have made it into BP&O’s Best Of Series. Between them these typically balance a strong singular concept or an appropriate confluence of ideas with a compelling visual character and clear communicative intention that appropriately play with form, colour, type and layout, as well as material, texture, image and print finish.

BP&O, in this end of month review, tries to recognise both the smart use of small budgets—those that channel spending into the most appropriate assets—and those projects with a broad and holistic quality, establishing a continuity (conceptual and/or visual) across multiple touch points. Many of the projects share a concise aesthetic expression, yet there is nuance and strategic weight to these, so do click through and read more about each of these.

Throughout the month BP&O also continued to expand on its collections series as another way to jump through to older posts on the site. This included a collection of projects that feature banner design.

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BP&O Collections — Banners

Selected by Richard Baird.

A continually updated collection of banners, designed as part of a larger brand identity progrmme, published on BP&O. These typically deliver an immediate graphic expression through type and form language, colour and image. This selection features the simple and singular, and those that pair a strong stylistic impact with informational detail, and includes work by studios Hey, Studio fnt and Mucho.

In the spirit of trying to challenge the chronological value-hierarchies of the traditional blog format, this post was published as a quick way to jump through BP&O’s content and gain access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes. Further, this is less about the aesthetic of a singular asset, although that is a consideration, but how each of these may fulfil a role within a broader system, click each image to read more. This expands upon previous posts under the category BP&O Collections.

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BP&O Collections – Fluorescent

Selected by Richard Baird.

A continually updated gallery of graphic identity work and design for print, reviewed and published on BP&O, that feature fluorescent inks and boards. This post includes work by Bunch, Pentagram and Bond, and covers a variety of projects, from books and campaigns to branding and packaging. Highlights include Bunch’s balancing of past and present through colour and type, the cheerful personality delivered through a striking green for a book on Eero Aarnio by Bond and the colour language of activism employed by Paul Belford Ltd. Between them, these express how fluorescent inks and papers can be used to create drama, contrast and immediacy, deliver a conviviality and distinctiveness, and through restraint, elevate the often low-cost associations of fluorescents to that of the elegant and sophisticated.

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