Latin American Design Festival by IS Creative Studio

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Poster and visual identity for Latin American Design Festival by IS Creative Studio

The Latin American Design Festival is an organisation that promotes Latin American Design internationally and looks to highlight the social potential of design using lectures, workshops, exhibitions and complementary activities. This year’s festival took place in the Peruvian city of Lima with guest speaks that included Jessica Walsh, Brandlab and Anagrama.

LAD’s visual identity, developed by IS Creative Studio and extending across posters, lanyards, programmes, flyers, presentation graphics and signage, leverages the universal ISO A series paper standard, a diverse and bright colour palette and an economy in print, as a way to represent different countries and cultures, and the graphic language, standards and creativity that connects them.

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University of the Arts Helsinki designed by Bond

Logo and coloured board business cards designed by Bond for the University of the Arts Helsinki

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy Helsinki merged in the beginning of 2013 into the University of the Arts Helsinki. Bond created the complete branding solution for the new university. The strategy for the identity was to create a distinctive set of logotypes based on a common design language, and to introduce an anchor symbol that acts as a point of connection between the university mother brand and the three academy brands. The simple and bold ‘X’ has plenty of meanings, just like art does. The symbol can be seen, for example, as a starting point, a destination, a meeting place, a location, a signature, an unknown force, a warning, an irritant, a question and a solution.” – Bond

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