Delikatess Chips designed by Silver

Packaging with tinted brick wall photographic detail designed by Silver for Swedish retailer ICA's new four flavour snack range Delikatess Chips

As part of a wider, multi-product rebrand and packaging exercise, Stockholm-based design agency Silver developed the name, visual identity and pack solution for Delikatess Chips, a new four flavour, own brand range of crisps from Swedish retailer ICA, one of Northern Europe’s leading retail companies.

Based around the organic and geometric juxtaposition of a weathered brickwall and poster concept, featuring tall heavy type, a limited colour palette and simple line detail, the design manages to communicate a sense of hearty flavour and decent crunch with a slightly rustic, traditional and down-to-earth undertone. A contemporary and high quality matt varnish follows the current gourmet snack trend alongside a more conventional series of tints which reinforce flavour from a distance. The typesetting is not perfect but the tall character choice is stacked well and deliver a vertical contrast to the horizontal movement of the bricks.

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Chow designed by Studio h

Packaging for UK based snack food brand Chow created by Studio h

Boutique design agency Studio h was recently commissioned to develop the visual identity and packaging for UK based snack food brand Chow and its first three products, Mini Chorizo, Beef Biltong and Queen Green Olives. Based around a non-format, cut and paste, mixed typographical approach and stamp texture, the design solution establishes a confident, quirky and playful brand personality while capturing the handcrafted quality and unexpected flavours of the product.

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John & John Crisps

Packaging with typographic and illustrative detail for Market Grounds' hand cooked potato crisp range John & John

John & John is a range of hand cooked potato crisps made in Britain and exported to Germany by the Hamburg based company Market Grounds. I have not been able to find any information on the agency responsible for the branding or packaging, or whether this was an in-house job but the distinctive use of maritime flags, etched illustration work and bold typography made for a very interesting aesthetic that I felt needed sharing.

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