Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

playOpinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, print and packaging for Stockholm lunch restaurant Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

Tidningshuset by Pontus is a 1000 m2 lunch restaurant, deli and bakery committed to sustainability, simplicity and quality, and was developed by famous Swedish chef and restauranteur Pontus Frithiof with the intention of challenging industry conventions.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of a building owned by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, which is situated in the newspaper district of Stockholm. Inspired by this unique location, Scandinavian graphic design studio Bold created a visual identity for Tidningshuset by Pontus that references the traditional mastheads and contemporary headlines of the newspaper industry. This is visualised through type contrast, a single ink print finish and dramatic signage.

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Swedish For­est Indus­tries Fed­er­a­tion by BVD, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and blind emboss brochure for Skogsindustrierna, the Swedish For­est Indus­tries Fed­er­a­tion, by BVD

With the intention of better communicating the end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties of the for­est, the concept of Bioeconomy and a commitment to a sustainable future, Skogsindustrierna, the representative of the Swedish pulp, paper and woodworking industries, worked with Scandinavian design studio BVD to help move them away from a com­pli­cated tonal­ity and give their com­mu­ni­ca­tion a clarity, focus and accessibility.

With this in mind, the studio created an identity and communication platform that pre­sents the for­est in a fresh and unconventional way. This included a new and concise approach to tone of voice, expressed through a consistent use of Futura and clear speaking and compelling videography, image contrast, a light and contemporary colour palette, the utility and technological undertone of monolinear icons, and the innovative and sustainable qualities of Fibre­Form in print.

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Österlånggatan 17 by Lobby Design, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and business cards for Stockholm restaurant Österlånggatan 17 by Lobby Design

Bockholmengruppen is a Stockholm based restaurant group and owners of both Nytorget 6 and Nybrogatan 38. The group recently expanded, taking over Le Bar and opening Österlånggatan 17 in its place, a modern local restaurant with a menu of home cooked dishes with a twist, located at the centre of Stockholm and attracting locals and tourists alike.

Scandinavian design studio Lobby Design worked with the Bockholmengruppen to create a visual identity that would compliment Österlånggatan 17’s modern interpretation of a traditional local restaurant, express its easy-going and unpretentious atmosphere and convey a sense of good quality. This was achieved through a series of bright and whimsical illustrations and a contrast of type, set across a variety of assets. These included menus, coffee cups, coasters, takeaway packaging, business cards and website.

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