Gorgeous and Delicate by Kazumasa Nagai, 1974

Text by Kazumasa Nagai, 1974

Quarterly Design Issue 7, 1974

Quarterly Design was a Japanese publication. Fifty years on, it really captures and conveys the spirit of its time. It shares a lot in common with the renowned and still in print publication IDEA although only in Japanese and broader in terms of design, covering other disciplines such as architecture and interior design. Highlights of Issue 7 from the autumn of 1974 includes the striking cover by Toshihiro Katayama, and an incredible feature on the logos of Kamekura. As with many design publications of its time, this one mixes full colour images with black and white, and both uncoated and coated papers. The following is a translation of the article “Gorgeous and Delicate” written by Kazumasa Nagai on the work on Yusaku Kamekura, and was printed alongside 27 of his logos. For more graphic design history, click here.

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IDEA Magazine 96, Jacques Nathan-Garamond, 1969

Text by Richard Baird

Richard Baird takes a look back at Japanese magazine IDEA Number 96 from 1969, with a special feature on and a cover by Nathan-Garamond

IDEA / アイデア is a quarterly magazine dedicated to graphic design and typography. It was first published in 1953 in Tokyo, Japan by Seibundo Shinkosha Co.,Ltd, and originally art directed by Hiroshi Ohchi. It is still going strong today at number 391. Alongside regular issues, IDEA produced one-off books and a series of Extra Issues. Highlights for me so far have been Issue 323 on Wim Crouwel, Issue 123 on Burton Kramer Associates, and Idea vs The Designer’s Republic for 2000. This issue, Number 96, is one of the earliest copies I have to hand. It features a cover by and the feature on the renowned French designer Jacques Nathan-garamond, alongside pieces on Belgian Graphic Design and the Japanese designer Jitsuo Hoashi. To support the running of BP&O this magazine is available on the LogoArchive.Shop.

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Graphic Design No. 11, 1963

Text by Richard Baird.

Richard Baird takes a look back at Japanese magazine Graphic Design No.11 from 1963, with a special feature from Shigeo Fukuda.

“Graphic Design” / グラフィックデザイン was a monthly magazine from Diamond that moved between the flourishing practice of graphic design (commercial art) and more broadly, visual culture (historical and of the present) both nationally in Japan and internationally. The magazine was distinctive in its proportionality (nearly square), and in its mix of papers. These included dyed uncoated and glossy papers, colour and black and white imagery. But also for its “Graphic Design Labatory” section which often played with the intersection of the graphic, print technologies and materials. This magazine is available on the LogoArchive.Shop.

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