254 Forest designed by Codefrisko

Logo for creative studio 254 Forest designed by Codefrisko

254 Forest is a Brussels-based creative studio – run by Claire Silva Moreira, Frederic Ameel, Jean-Stéphane Garbe, Ismael Moumin and international videographer Pierre Debusschere – that works within the fields of photography, film, music production and post production. Their visual identity, developed by graphic design agency Codefrisko, utilises a distinctive combination of a pearlesque substrate and holographic block foil treatment across the studio’s business card, the contrast of a sharp logo-type and blurred, 45 degree lightning strike – perhaps the flash of a bulb, the energy necessary for creative endeavour or the presentation of perspective -, and the website’s clear sense of foreground and background, to neatly resolve the depth of focus and changing light of still and moving images. Avoiding the more obvious and literal visualisations of the industry.

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O Architecture designed by Heydays

Logo and compliment slip design by Heydays for O Architecture

O Archi­tec­ture is a small, Lille-based multidisciplinary studio whose practices extend beyond traditional architectural services to include artistic installations, educational courses and editorial work. Their visual identity, ‘a solid cir­cle with a dis­rup­tion that cre­ates a tri­an­gle rem­i­nis­cent of an A’ – created by design agency Heydays – , unites the broad remit of the studio under a simple sym­bol with a revolving, holistic quality that can be easily executed across a variety of collaterals.

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Milieu Property designed by Studio Hi Ho

Uncoated folder with deboss logo and rubber band detail designed by Hi Ho for Melbourne-based boutique developer Milieu

According to Studio Hi Ho, the branding and communications partnership responsible for this project, Milieu Property is a Melbourne-based ‘boutique developer with an emphasis on creating spaces of influence’. The moniker ‘Milieu’ immediately positions the brand at the cerebral end of the property development spectrum. Indeed, for those without a thesaurus brain, the highfalutin’ vocabulary is even explained on the minimal website.

Do the graphics live up to the name? For me, Studio Hi Ho appears to have risen to the challenge. Interpreting Milieu as a ‘mix of complementary opposites’ has allowed them to play with juxtapositions: in typography; in imagery; and in the choice of substrate.

Guest Opinion written by Shaughn McGurk

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