Candlefish designed by Fuzzco, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Marbled shopping bags for Charleston scented candle store and workshop Candlefish by Fuzzco

Candlefish is a Charleston, South Carolina, store that stocks a carefully curated collection of scented candles from an assortment of brands including Rewined and Produce, and also plays host to a variety of workshops. The store takes its name from the Eulachon, better known as the Candlefish. After drying, and due to its high oil content, the Candlefish burns much like a candle and is said to have been used to illuminate the dwellings of man and woman as far back as the first century A.D.

Candlefish’s retail space of brick, wood and steel beams, exposed utilities, small spot and larger low-hanging industrial lighting and practical display surfaces that double up as cabinets, secures a current and worn urban utility that offers contrast to the crafted nature of the products.

This space is given shots of bright red throughout, enhanced by panels of white paint, is complemented by vintage lounge chairs, and given character through a brand identity treatment by American design studio Fuzzco. The studio’s illustrative style, approach to print and packaging layers the experience with clear craft cues, a conviviality and a retrospective sensibility based around their naming strategy. The project included logotype, logo and illustration, packaging, signage and bags.

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