Olaf Olive Oil designed by Anagrama

Olive oil packaging design for Olaf by Anagrama

Olaf is a Mexican cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil produced by Olivarera Italo-Mexicana – a Mexican Italian collaboration – intended for healthy, home-cooked, family meals and makes up one-third of Olivarera ‘s olive oil range, which also includes Valentto and Olive Gold. Anagrama, the design agency behind Olaf’s new visual identity, print materials and packaging, describe their approach as taking “typical Italian visual clichés and simplifies and refreshes them.”

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Be True Smoothies designed by Studio In

Packaging with coloured foil and raised surface details designed by Studio In for Russian smoothie brand Be True

Studio In have recently completed the rebranding and repackaging of Russian smoothie brand Be True. The new design solution rightfully drops the Innocent-esque sketch and similar bottle choice in favour of a coloured foil splash and crown logo executed across a textured paper and a plastic structural design with raised surface detail. This combination of paper, print and structure, a union typically seen in the spirit category where spend is higher, is fused with the established and communicative industry conventions of organic form, a well rendered script logotype, hand drawn illustrative detail, bright contemporary colour and energy – enhanced by plenty of white space – as well as a neat, playful, die cut tree element to effectively convey honesty, natural ingredients and premium quality with a more proprietary finish.

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Fruitilyzer DIY Kit designed by Resort

Packaging with fluorescent spot colours designed by Resort for fruit and vegetable based electronic music making kit Fruitilyzer

The Fruitilyzer is an ‘electronic-organic’ music making kit that utilises the electrical energy stored within fruit and vegetables to create an instrument. The kit was developed by Tim & Puma Mimi, a “quirky electro duo from Zurich and Tokyo” who have played live shows around the globe using an electrified cucumber.

Designed by Swiss studio Resort, the Fruitilyzer’s packaging unapologetically utilises the very obvious combination of bright fluorescent spot colour, digital and lightening inspired type and an amusing and well illustrated shocked cucumber illustration to reflect the oddity of the instrument and recognises its playful, creative but limited nature. The iconography adds a contemporary single line weight technicality to the reverse making the front, which could be perceived as perhaps a little retro-cheap, appear all the more considered and intentional.

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