Highlights by Studio fnt, South Korea

Opinion by Richard Baird

Visual identity and catalogue for SeMA exhibition Highlights by Studio fnt, South Korea

Highlights is an exhibition of works from French contemporary art museum The Collection of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). The exhibition runs from May 30th to August 15, 2017, features work by artists such as Ron Mueck, David Lynch and Sarah Sze, and also includes commissioned pieces and major artworks by Korean artists.

Highlights is curated by Fondation Cartier and SeMA, set over three floors with spaces for discovery, contemplation and wonder, and features a visual identity by South Korea graphic design firm Studio fnt. This is characterised by a mix of bright colour, silver block foil print finish and a linear graphic device that connects Korean and English. This is used to link posters and exhibition brochure, catalogue, banners, signage, super graphics and tote bag.

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Gallery & Co. by Foreign Policy, Singapore

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo, print and packaging by Foreign Policy for Singapore-based Gallery & Co.

& Co. links museum shop, a food and drink retailer and cafe housed within the National Gallery Singapore. These share a brand identity designed by Singapore-based graphic design studio Foreign Policy, built around the basic foundations of modern art and design; primary colour, geometric form and repetition, and Grilli Type’s GT Pressura. This runs across and unites a variety of printed materials that includes, but is not limited to, vouchers, packaging, uniforms and posters. Although launched in 2015, Foreign Policy recently documented and published the work, which coincided with the launch of their new website.

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