For over a decade BP&O has offered a distinctive point of view on brand identity design and packaging, carving out a space alongside legacy publishers. Founded by designer and writer Richard Baird, BP&O sought to fuse aspects of a personal blog with the journalistic standards of established publications. Research and review have always been – and continue to be – the foundations of all that BP&O does.

As BP&O enters its second decade it expands its remit to cover meaning-making and identity creation through design across a greater number of contexts. With new voices and a new team BP&O repositions itself as a ‘live archive’, with the understanding that the work of today informs that of tomorrow, and that being able to trace aesthetics and ideas back through time using digital tools will prove to be an invaluable resource to researchers, students and designers.

BP&O continues to focus on ideas, strategy and design craft. We believe in taking our time to discover, research and write about graphic design that is both purposeful and beautifully realised. We recognise the importance of individual projects, their relationship with technology and culture, and their relationships with one another. Our new site reflects this in its design, with features that make it simple to search, filter and discover.

This vision for BP&O has been realised through new partnerships with developer Oliver Brown, editor Eleanor Robertson and the support of staff writers and specialist commissions. The site continues to expand on the work of its founder Richard Baird with the addition of fresh new perspectives.

Richard Baird, Founder

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Eleanor Robertson, Editor

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Oliver Brown, Designer & Developer

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