18 Ranch Chicken Dishes by Victor Design, Taiwan

Opinion by Richard Baird

New packaging for 18 Ranch Chicken Dishes by Victor Design, Taiwan

18 Ranch worked with Victor Design to develop packaging for its range of chicken ready meals. Working with the brand’s mascot and established guidelines, also created by Victor Design, the studio took an unusual approach that juxtaposes the warmth and visceral qualities of product photography, with the modern and convivial character of geometric illustration, solid colour and white space.

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Daebeté Scented Tea designed by Victor Design

Tea packaging design with gold foil print finish by Victor Design for Daebeté

Daebeté is a floral infused tea range that uses a high-grade Taiwanese oolong variety, made using a unique process of withering, oxidation, curling and twisting, that has then been given a floral hint using ancient baking methods. This process creates a subtle yet sweet flavour profile that carefully balances the aroma of flowers with the flavour of tea. The packaging for the Daebeté range, developed by Victor Design, was inspired by the natural beauty and ecology of the flower growing regions of each infusion, conveys the craft of production, the tradition of tea preparation, quality and delicate flavour, through a good combination of illustration, typography, print finish and structural choice.

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Taiwan High Mountain Tea by Victor Design

Packaging design for Taiwan High Mountain Tea created by Victor Design

Victor Design have recently completed the packaging for Taiwan High Mountain Tea, a range of maple, bamboo, cedar, plum, pine and lily infused teas that have their origins in the high-altitude mountain top estates of Taiwan. Victor’s approach neatly captures provenance with a three fold fusion of distinctive mountain silhouettes, flora and indigenous mountain birds illustrated with fantastic level of detail by hand using ink that quickly establishes a clear sense of craft.

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