OTHR by Franklyn, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding by New York-based design studio Franklyn for innovative product design company OTHR

OTHR creates unique objects that take advantage of new production methods and materials, and brings together the world’s best designers and transformative technologies. OTHR’s objects exist at a point where art and design intersect, are simple, practical but desirable in form, and are manufactured and individually numbered to order in a way that has minimal environmental impact.

OTHR designers include British designer Sebastian Bergne, Claessen Koivisto Rune from Stockholm and New York studio Todd Bracher. These designers contribute to a diverse catalogue of objects for juicing, cutting and holding, and share the philosophy of owning fewer but better things.

With simplicity at the centre, New York-based graphic design studio Franklyn created a new brand identity and delivery system to compliment the extraordinary nature of OTHR’s products. This included logotype and logo design, and extended to illustration, packaging and posters.

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Obra Blanca by Savvy, Mexico

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and brochures for Mexican architecture studio Obra Blanca designed by Savvy

Obra Blanca is an architecture studio, established in 2013, with offices in the Mexican city of Veracruz. The studio looks to transcend Mexico’s architectural landscape, remain independent and resistant to trends, and free to experiment and explore. It attributes a building’s value to its coherence, craftsmanship, materiality, functionality and context.

Obra Blanca represents the last step in construction, the stage at which a building stops being just a structure and gains character from, and is an extension and reflection of, its inhabitants. This informed the studio’s new brand identity, created by graphic design studio Savvy, and manifests itself in two parts, in structure and content, which runs across business cards, stationery and brochures.

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Peter Bailey Company by Bunch, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logo and business cards for photographer and digital artist management agency Peter Bailey Company by Bunch

Peter Bailey Company is an international representative of unique and talented photographers and digital artists. Since its founding in 1982 it has grown internationally, and now has offices in both London and New York and commissions photo, motion and CGI work for a global client base. Their new visual identity, designed by creative agency Bunch, utilises negative space in the creation of a colourful PB monogram and is bold and confident in its consistent application and relationship with photography. This post was originally published June 2011, and was update October 2017 with more images.

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