Design in a shady place: Trademark

Text by Yusaku Kamekura, 1962

Cover Design: Ikko Tanaka. Design 11 No.40, 1962, Japan. Design Magazine, 1960s.

Design 11 No. 40 is an out-of-print and rare issue of a slim 54pp Japanese magazine from the 60s dedicated to all things design. This issue includes a feature on boat interior design and modernist furniture. However, this issue stands out for its distinctive and eye-catching cover by the renowned designer Ikko Tanaka, and for an original text written by Yusaku Kamekura on his process and experience with corporate logo design. This is illustrated with 31 examples of his own work. What also marks this feature out is that it includes some examples of those logos that never made it to use, those that never saw the light of day, which is the central premise of the article. The magazine is entirely in Japanese, however, BP&O had the Kamekura article translated, and this makes up the body of this post. Materially speaking, the magazine mixes glossy and uncoated papers, single and full colour printing and although quite light in content is an excellent example of design publishing of its time. If you liked to buy a copy of this, it is available on the LogoArchive.Shop.

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