The Sour Patch Kids by Dale Doyle

Packaging design for confectionery brand Sour Patch Kids led by Landor's creative director Dale Doyle

I thought I would break from the contemporary simplicity of BP&O’s usual articles with a brighter and more playful packaging project led by Landor’s creative director Dale Doyle.

The Sour Patch Kids is a US brand of confectionary created by Paul Mihalick in the early days of soft sugar-coated candy and now owned by Cadbury Schweppes. The brand’s new packaging and visual identity replaces the dated illustrated characters of the original and draws on the products iconic and nostalgic silhouette to create a solution that hints at a new world inhabited by sweets.
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DC Comics

DC Comics - Logo and identity system developed by Landor

Following this week’s news that DC Comics is updating its identity there have been some more visuals released as to how this will draw together the diverse worlds. Designed by Landor, these variations are pretty neat in their execution and take the basic primary DC logo-mark and give it some serious character.

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