2014, UK

As corporate identity solidified itself as a distinct practice, design studios rightly looked at their own as an expression of capability. The modernist mid-century generated a whole host of logos by design studios for design studios. There was plenty of eyes, hands, pencils and pens, and many unique interpretations of these.

Designing for oneself presents a difficult challenge. It demands that we look inwards having spent most of our time looking outwards, to practical solutions to client problems. For some, this self-initiated project can be paralysing. We tell ourselves time is better spent on doing good work than consolidating our point of view and expressing this visually.

Having spent a lot of time looking at the work of design studios for BP&O, there was some incredible project yet few studio logos stood out. Many, understandably, favoured a neutral frame in which to present compelling work. However, one did. The Studio.Build bird continues to delight with its recognisability and distinctive form. Indeed, I have seen countless bird logos, yet this feels uniquely its own. I can’t help but also see a thumbs up, but that might just be me!