Mercer Supply Co. by Peck & Co., United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, envelope and copper foiled notecard for salon and barber Mercer Supply Co. designed by Peck & Co.

Mercer Supply Co. is a barbershop, salon and retailer that provides high-end grooming goods and services to the modern man and woman of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The salon has an interior design of polished concrete flooring, exposed trusses, Edison bulbs, panels of wood, leather furniture and waxed denim aprons. It is thoroughly current in its mix of the hardwearing, utilitarian and the traditional. This is also expressed throughout its brand identity, designed by Tennessee studio Peck & Co., using type, illustration, material choice and print finish across bags, notecards, business cards, stationery, swing tags, tissue paper, coasters, and website.

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Lulu Cake Boutique designed by Peck and Co.

Logo and typography for Lulu Cake Boutique designed by Peck and Co.

Lulu is a New York-based cake boutique who, in the words of Peck and Co., the design agency behind the boutique’s new visual identity, craft ‘masterpieces unmatched in flavor’ and are obsessed with detail, artistry and flavour.

Based around a fine line script with large enthusiastic loops and a polished fluidity that neatly walks the line between personal signature and piped icing, contrasting uppercase sans-serif characters and a monochromatic colour palette, Lulu’s identity is a sharp juxtaposition of individuality and creative flourish alongside professional efficiency. While the illustrations and tone of voice (see ‘In Cake We Trust’, ‘Get Your Sugar On’ and ‘Life Is Better With A Cake’) feel a little generic and clunky next to the clear communicative duality and finish of the logotype the the use of unbleached, string-tied boxes, paper, stickers, tape and what looks like a letter-press finish work well to add a small-scale, traditional and custom sensibility to the project that really builds on the craft values of the brand.

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