Studio Una, Germany

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for German graphic design business Studio Una

Studio Una is graphic design business, run by Sebastian Hager and Sebastian König, with an office in the German city of Hamburg. The duo works within the fields of visual communication and brand identity design, online and in print, and describe themselves as attaching great importance to the aesthetic effect of design, alongside strong concepts and strategic decisions. This positioning is conveyed throughout their new visual identity using a mix of kraft paper and white ink, pattern and type, applied to notebooks, business cards, box tape, note cards, folders and badges.

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Fisix designed by Mucho

Packaging designed by Mucho for sports shower range Fisix

Fisix is a line of cosmetic products that includes shower gels, shampoos and hydrating skin balms, developed by four marathon running friends who ‘couldn’t find a range that met their needs as sportsmen’, branded and packaged by multidisciplinary design agency Mucho.

Mucho’s design solution unties the diagrammatic, geometric forms and typographical, sans-serif utility and neutrality of the pharmaceutical and sports science industries with the subtle fashion and on-trend design sensibilities of a tightly spaced, lowercase serif logotype, italics, and a flat, economical, unisex grey and pastel colour palette. A smart balance of formulated effectiveness and the more exclusive, restrained qualities associated with high fashion and professional cosmetics.

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