O designed by Folch, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Visual identity by Folch for Barcelona based visual communications business O

O is a Barcelona based studio made up of, and representing, a collective of uniquely talented illustrators, photographers, directors and producers creating visual and editorial content. The studio supports the singularity of each artist by avoiding a homogeneous style and granting each a production capacity that does not make a distinction between personal projects and commercial jobs. While providing insight into each of these, O’s website also functions as a regularly updated platform for debate and enquiry into the communications industry.

Director Luis Cerveró worked with Spanish graphic design studio Folch to develop a visual identity system for O. Based around spray-painted graphic device, responsive grid-based layouts and Monotype’s Neue Haas Unica across digital and print environments, Folch’s approach establishes an adaptable framework from which to bring together changeable and diverse content online and also extends to business cards and stationery.

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