Rewined designed by Stitch

Packaging for craft candle brand Rewined including custom boxes and cloth bags designed by Stitch

Back in November 2011 Rewined, a soy wax candle range set in a cut wine bottle, launched a new packaging solution created by Charleston-based independent design agency Stitch. I described the project in my original post as neatly resolving the themes of candle and wine craft, vintage and heritage through a diverse but coherent combination of earthy textures, a recycled letter-pressed label, hand stamped stickers, a simple identity solution that draws together origin and local industry through a classic circular crest lock-up with aged and humanist imperfections, alongside a bright ‘wax’ seal token and hand signed detail.

Stitch followed this up in 2012 with a number of other brand assets that shared and expanded on the craft cues and textures of the product with a lovely two-ply, uncoated, unbleached board and a light veneered business card with sticker detail, the brass screws of a catalogue, the deep green of a tape and the grain sack-like qualities of a string-tied canvas bag.

For 2013 Stitch has continued to broaden the Rewined brand experience with custom printed boxes made of unbleached board, cloth bags and match tubes with hand drawn illustrative and typographic detail that convey the recycled, wine bottle origins and crafted nature of the candles. Stitch explain on their website that these additional details serve as a giveaway to loyal customers and make giving and receiving a Rewined candle even more fun.

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The Dirty Apron by Glasfurd & Walker

Packaging with uncoated unbleached board and hand stamps created by Glasfurd & Walker for delicatessen The Dirty Apron

The Dirty Apron is a cooking school, grocer, gourmet delivery service, caterer and delicatessen located in the Crosstown district of Vancouver, that offers, alongside cookery courses, hot lunches, sandwiches and take-home meals, deli meats, organic milk and eggs, local cheeses, fresh flowers and specialty products.

The delicatessen’s packaging and promotional items, which include bread and shopping bags, gift and lunch boxes, product labels and tags, were created by Multidisciplinary design agency Glasfurd & Walker and utilise a neat combination of uncoated, unbleached substrates, string, a single colour print treatment, tape, wax seal and stamp detail to deliver a traditional craft based aesthetic that has an open honest proposition with a local farmers market sensibility. A mixed typographic approach delivers individual personality alongside conventional communication while illustrated details, borders and ribbons suggest heritage, knowledge and experience. Its execution is solid throughout and neatly reflects traditional values with contemporary quality and consistency.

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Daum & Co designed by Hunt & Co

Print by Hunt Studio for business advisory and management consultancy Daum & Co

Daum & Co, formerly Daum Partners is a Melbourne based business advisory and management consultancy founded by Tony Karantonis. Their new identity, created by boutique design agency Hunt & Co., combines the brand’s smart, strategic thinking and productivity with a simple monogram device and its sense of character, creativity and individuality of the service through a series of contrasting illustrations.

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