Capt by Bunch, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand Identity designed by Bunch for video making app and market platform Capt

Capt is a San Francisco-based start-up that connects creators wanting to monetize their videos with brands looking for new content and talent. The platform is made up of an app that allows creators to shoot, upload and license their videos, and a website that acts as a market place for buyers. This website also serves as a place to connect creatives with those who want to develop specific video content, as a tool to push assignments to qualified Capt creators by location and creator level, and provide access to and licenses for both global and hyperlocal video content.

Bunch worked with Capt on developing brand identity, mobile app and website. This takes the universal visual language of mobile recording and the lexicon of social media, and draws these into a simple but effective visual expression. This links folders, headed paper, business cards and branded hoodie, and runs across app and website.

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Designers’ Friend by Paul Belford Ltd, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and business card by London-based graphic design studio Paul Belford Ltd. for web development business Designers' Friend.

Designers’ Friend is a UK web development company working with designers and design studios to deliver fast sites that look exactly as they were designed. The company commissioned London-based graphic design studio, past client and collaborator Paul Belford Ltd., to deliver a brand identity concept that would work in print and online.

The studio’s concept is described as a dramatisation of the line ‘we write code’ and visualised, rather literally, by a keyboard. This then forms the basis of a minimal graphic expression in print across business cards and headed paper, and as part of a search rather than menu-based functionality online.

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Lux Capital by Mucho, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and animated logo for Lux Capital by Mucho, United States

Lux Capital is an American venture capital firm investing in the fields of science and technology, partnering with inventors who challenge the status quo and what we currently understand as the laws of nature to bring futuristic ideas to life.

Graphic design studio Mucho developed a simple brand identity for Lux Capital that expresses the collaborative nature of today’s innovations, and the remixing of ideas, by drawing out and emphasising the × and + within the name through the angle of the logotype. It is a simple typographical observation given a relevant conceptual basis. This then extends across business cards, note cards, stationery and website.

BP&O breaks from convention, with a double feature. Both are small and restrained projects that express relevant and thoughtful concepts in simple but distinctive ways, alongside bright highlight colour, conservative but well-set type and good quality material choice and print finish. Check out dn&co’s work for Fathom Architects.

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