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Global Gardens by Studio Makgill

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 22 July 2011

Global Gardens is a landscaping company based in Sussex, UK with over ten years’ experience. They approached Studio Makgill to develop an identity that would reaffirm their commitment to their current client base, attract new customers and present a consistent visual brand message where previously there was none.

“We were asked to create a new graphic identity for Global Gardens, a Sussex based garden landscaping firm. The company had been going for almost ten years and had built up a loyal client base, but they had virtually no visual identity to speak of.

Our solution was to create something timeless, something that would communicate to an existing client base whilst attracting a new one. We wanted to convey both the tough construction aspect of their projects as well as the more precise and delicate nature of the planting they do.” – Studio Makgill


There is a strong Art Deco feel to the logo that utilises the linear symmetry of the art form to convey the structural aspect of the business while the flower ties this cleverly to the world of gardening and landscaping.

The logo-mark is nicely rendered and looks like an architectural flower detail, the negative space has a very tree like aesthetic that draws the eye inward creating a sense of integrated service. The typography set in ITC Lubalin Graph has a distinctly agricultural sensibility but does not work well with the clean flowing lines and classic nature of the logo-mark. Implemented across the printed collaterals both the mark and the type find their place well and sit comfortably in their separated forms. The accompanying brand illustrations are really effectively done and convey the multiple aspects and almost technical considerations of landscaping. The different tints of green are clean and modern with an almost aged copper tone that again ties the themes of structure, plants and art.

The unification of structure, design and horticulture through an Art Deco theme is a really inspiring idea that has resulted in a very relevant and timeless looking identity.

Global-Gardens Global-Gardens