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Ramlösa by Nine

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 1 September 2011

Packaging with a cut glass-like plastic structural design created by Nine for premium restaurant mineral water Ramlösa

Ramlösa is a range of premium restaurant mineral waters named after the region of Ramlösa Brunnspark, Sweden and owned by Danish brewery Carlsberg. Stockholm based design studio Nine was tasked with developing a low-cost packaging alternative to their current glass design that would retain the premium nature and favourable perception of the brand but with a PET material resolution.

“The old premium bottle of glass was costly to manufacture as well as environmentally unfriendly.  NINE was briefed with the seemingly impossible mission to design a new premium bottle in PET, since the association to plastic materials is not premium in the target group. However, the result is very much a premium product and has been well received both due to its esthetic appeal and the environmentally positive effects from lower CO2 emissions.”

“The premium feeling was achieved by creating a bottle that borrows form and shape from the world of old crystal glasses – but with the material that comes from a modern and much less premium world. The contrasts make the result both interesting and beautiful.” – Nine

I love the creativity (and the improved environmental consideration) of countering the preconceptions of one material by imparting the elegance and sophistication of another. The fusion of a classic cut crystal structural aesthetic and wrapped lid (often associated with the performance of opening an expensive wine or champaign) are clever observations of the premium world and have been suitably translated and well executed into a lower cost design solution. The tactile differences maybe significantly different but as restaurant targeted product the opportunity to limit this physical contact may negate this issue.