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September’s Top 5 Projects 2012

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 2 October 2012

Algu - Logo and branding by Francesc Moret

Algu is a Spanish architectural and interior design studio founded by Natalia Alonso Roger Guitart. Their identity, designed by independent freelance designer Francesc Moret, represents the collaborative and combined knowledge of the studio’s founders alongside the themes of craft and modernistic architectural practices through a simple monogram, lower-case logo-type, mixed fibre business cards and hand-stamped print treatment.

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Askeroths Trappor Och Räcken - Logo and branding by Bedow

Stockholm based graphic and product design studio Bedow have recently developed a new visual identity and stationery solution for Askeroths Trappor och Räcken, a small Swedish manufacturer of specialist staircases. Based around a simple but identifiable abstraction, the logo-mark captures the elemental, functionality and practicality of staircases and the solid technical abilities of the craftsmen through the combination of a single, consistent line weight, basic geometry and nice balance of positive and negative space.

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Brewer St - Logo and branding by Designers Anonymous

Brewer St. is a new fair-trade coffee range developed by UK based hospitality brand Fuller’s to take advantage of continued coffee market growth and build on the day-time custom of their pubs, bars and hotels. Designers Anonymous, following their successful rebranding of Fuller’s flagship King’s Cross pub – The Parcel Yard, developed a visual identity solution for the brand based around customised and redrawn type blocks, playful brand language and an industrial colour palette, bringing together Fuller’s heritage and the craft of coffee-making.

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Tom Solo - Logo and branding by Mash Creative

Tom Solo is a German born multilingual photographer with a modern, innovative approach and a growing international client roster. His new visual identity, created by UK based independent design agency Mash Creative, juxtaposes bleached and unbleached material choices, hand-stamped and block foil print finishes and a traditional serif and modernistic sans serif to achieve a smart communicative fusion of practicality and high quality.

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Les Orenetes - Logo and branding by Mucho

Les Orenetes is a fashion boutique located in Torredembarra, a small town in the Catalonia region of Spain. The boutique’s identity, created by visual communication and graphic design studio Mucho, is a lovely mix of light, geometric single line weight typography and monogram with subtle flourishes and a rich mix of hand-drawn illustrative, calligraphic and watercolour detail.

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