Newscope Films designed by Karoshi

Logo and stationery design by Karoshi for Newscope Films

Newscope Films is an independent, UK-based producer of feature films, television programmes and micro-budget movies for an international market. United by their mission to develop innovative, highly conceptual and original genre films, multi-disciplinary design agency Karoshi created a ‘progressive new identity solution which would capture this brand spirit whilst remaining accessible to a broad audience’.

Taking inspiration from the company’s name and approach, we developed a visual play on the notion of a unique perspective. The dynamic identity solution evokes the movement of the animation with typographic inspiration being drawn from large-scale, three dimensional type heritage within film and cinema. The identity employs only black and white and each logotype is constrained to the maximum proportions of 2.4:1 – the current cinema widescreen standard.” – Karoshi

Logo and business card design by Karoshi for Newscope Films

The logotype’s dimensional twist on an enduring typographical choice, set within a ‘widescreen’ frame, is a simple but smart concept that neatly draws together past and present, and perhaps hints at the increasing prevalence/recurrence of 3D in modern cinema.

Although the ‘S’ has a subtle 60’s sci-fi sensibility the rest have a well-spaced near neutrality, and collectively, a tall, heavy and uppercase conviction — reminiscent of CinemaScope, Videcolour and Supermarionation — that avoids appearing genre specific. This is enhanced by the monochromatic and typographic restraint of a weighty, duplex business card.

The application of the identity across the right angled surfaces of the office space, the use of a logo animation and a static multiplicity introduce a creative and engaging variation that works well to encompass changes in physical perspective, whether that be in an auditorium or on set, differing opinion, production techniques and approaches.

Logo and business card design by Karoshi for Newscope Films

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Logo design and interior decals by Karoshi for Newscope Films

Logo and T-shirt design by Karoshi for Newscope Films

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