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The Best of BP&O — September 2014

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 29 September 2014

September's Top 5 Projects 2014

September’s highlights included BuroCreative’s brand identity treatment for Mexican and Amercian inspired diner experience D / F Mexico, Snask’s extensive identity work for the SSU,  Lotta Nieminen’s logotype, stationery and brochure work for product designer Bec Brittain and ico’s visual identity, print and interior direction for British bubble tea brand and cafe Biju. However, there were five projects that really stood out and have made it into BP&O’s top five, a feature that unites the most interesting of each month for another opportunity to be seen and shared.

Bang Pr designed by RE: and featured on BP&O

Bang Pr designed by RE:

BANG is a Sydney based public relations business and sub-company within the M&C Saatchi group. It is described by RE:, the design studio behind its brand identity, as being known for infectious ideas, seriously bright storytelling, and acting as a social loud hailer for its clients, generating impact, creating chatter and building excitement.

RE:’s identity treatment, which included a dynamic logotype, a variety of printed collateral and soon-to-launch responsive website, visualises the energy, explosive potential and the impact BANG has on its clients’ businesses, using a bold logotype that frames a variety of brand expressions that are conveyed through a good mix of type, illustration, language, photography, static image and motion.

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Business cards designed by Build for British typographic design studio Studio Aves

Studio Aves designed by Build

Studio Aves is a soon to launch UK design practice that will specialise in typeface and typographic design. Its visual identity, based around a high contrast colour palette drawn from the markings of British birds — a reflection of the name and inspired by blue tits, goldfinches, magpies, robins plus many more — was recently created by Build. The identity runs across a variety of printed collateral, including business cards, letterhead and stickers, digitally printed across Colorplan stock, and designed to look and feel hi-spec but with low production costs.

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Skovin designed by Heydays and featured on BP&O

Skovin designed by Heydays

Skovin is Norwegian, high-end, solid wood floor specialist that combines ancient craftsmanship with modern technologies. By mixing a wood veneer business card and a traditional name drawn from the old word Skøyen, the area in Oslo where the company was founded, with geometric shapes and die cuts, panels of flat colour and sans-serif typography, Skovin’s identity, designed by Heydays, effectively reflects the company’s fusion of past and present process.

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Ridley designed by RE: and featured on BP&O

Ridley designed by RE:

Ridley is a pioneer of digital architectural services and operates as a central hub from which builders, developers and architects can collaborate. Originally established, and continuing to operate as an architectural documentation specialist, Ridley, from its premises in Australia and the Philippines, has also grown to become a leader in Virtual Design Construction. This is a practice that involves attaching live data to every aspect of a 3D model in order to provide a comprehensive overview of a structure, the process of its construction and significantly reduce the cost of its development.

Designed by RE:, Ridley’s new brand identity is based around the concept of seeing the bigger picture through a variety of individual elements, the character, culture and people of its business, and its architectural practices. This is visualised as a variety of cropped and cut sans-serif logotypes, a bright colour palette, human-centric data, and type that runs across multiple planes.

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Taidehalli designed by Tsto and featured on BP&O

Taidehalli designed by Tsto

Taidehalli is an art gallery, also know as Helsinki Kunsthalle, with a significant 86-year history. It is set within the walls of a distinctive building created by Jarl Eklund and Hilding Ekelund, and during its lengthy residency has secured its place as a key space within Finland for the exhibition of contemporary artworks.

Taidehalli’s new brand identity, recently redesigned by Helsinki and New York based design studio Tsto, uses the architectural exterior and interior detail of the building to inform type, colour and a variety of shape, and effectively leverages artwork samples and print finish to communicate some of its heritage, contemporary remit and commitment to continual development.

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