Unoco Raw Coconut Water by B&B Studio, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding and packaging for raw coconut water brand Unoco by London based graphic design agency B&B Studio

UK based Unoco works with a community of smallholders in the Philippines to produce an unrefined, unpasteurised and untreated raw coconut water. This is drawn from young coconuts, characterised by their green rather than brown colour, picked at their nutritional prime and placed into bottles rather than tetra pak or cans using HPP. This process gives the water a distinctive pink colour, a result of oxidisation, which is said to be confirmation that all the natural goodness of the water has been retained.

Graphic design agency B&B Studio recently worked with Unoco to reinvent its brand identity and package design, and embraced an approach that favours bold organic typography, bright colour and plenty of white space as a way to express the rawness of product within a category dominated by processed alternatives.

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The Coconut Collective designed by Marx Design

Bright contemporary packaging for organic, flavoured, coconut water brand The Coconut Collective by Marx Design

The Coconut Collective is a new Australian brand of organic, flavoured, coconut waters drawn from Sri Lanka’s king rather than green coconut, a first for the market. Soulfresh, the company behind the brand, describe the water from the king coconut as having a ‘cleaner taste profile’, one that should appeal to a broader consumer base.

The Coconut Collective’s brand identity and packaging treatment was recently developed by New Zealand-based studio Marx Design. Their approach, a communicative mix of subtle sun bleached and tinted wood backgrounds, large coconut imagery, bold uppercase typography, an unusual but distinctive pastel colour palette, map and boat illustration, ingredient story, and stamp texture, neatly deliver a tropical, exported sensibility with a contemporary eye for colour that draws attention to a new coconut variety and its unique provenance.

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