The London Crisp Co. by B&B Studio, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.


The London Crisp Co. is a new hand cooked British crisp range, now available in local pubs throughout London, with a packaging treatment developed by B&B Studio. Absent the story you might expect from a small artisan crisp brand and avoiding the current favour for reduction, B&B Studio’s approach goes all in for provenance and visual impact, embracing a rich and bold contrast of period and contemporary photography, illustration and typography that draws on the changing landscape and cultural history of London.

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Inspiral designed by Studio h

Logotype and packaging by Stduio h for organic raw food company Inspiral

Inspiral is a UK-based organic raw food company that produces a variety snacks, cakes and drinks. To reach a broader market, move on from a ‘hippy image’ whilst retaining their ‘cool credentials’, Inspiral recently commissioned Studio h to create a new brand identity and packaging system for their Crackits and Kale Chips ranges, among others, as well as developing assets that could be easily utilised across future lines.

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Popchips designed by Marx

Popchips - Branding and packaging created by Marx Design

Popchips is a four flavour range of potato chips from Ping which have been popped—much like popcorn—rather than backed or fried to create a healthier snack. New Zealand-based Marx Design were responsible for developing a new mascot for Ping that could work across multiple products in the snack food category and a packaging solution for the Popchips brand that would “avoid the clichés of traditional chip packaging in order to achieve cut-through.”

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