Kozel Limited Ed. by Yurko Gutsulyak

Packaging with heat treated wood effect designed by Yurko Gutsulyak for Czech brewer Velkopopovický Kozel

Czech brewer Velkopopovický Kozel have recently launched a limited edition packaging solution for their tinned light beer. Created by Ukraine-based studio Yurko Gutsulyak, the design unites regional and national illustrative detail across a wood print and light tissue wrap neatly conveying tradition, craft, heritage and provenance in a unique and distinctive way.

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CZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Studio Najbrt

Logo designed by Studio Najbrt for CZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is the new visual identity for the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently created by Prague based Studio Najbrt. The logo mark, a contemporary interpretation of a historically significant Czech symbol, utilises a consistent line weight and expanding visual device to deliver a timeless simplicity and inclusive resolution.

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Delfex designed by Jan Zabransky

Logotype designed by Jan Zabransky for currency trading and consulting business Delfex

Delfex is a Czech based trading and consulting company that specialises in foreign currencies and works within the public, private and non-profit sectors. They approached brand designer Jan Zabransky to develop a complete and consistent identity that included logo design, stationery, web design, programming, copy-writing and brand guidelines.

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