Olive & Sesame Oil designed by Lo Siento

Packaging with condensed sans-serif typography and gold tin for Olive & Sesame Oil designed by Lo Siento

Design agency Lo Siento have recently completed their packaging design work for Spanish olive oil producer Olis Bargalló‘s new Olive & Sesame variety.

Lo Siento’s use of condensed sans-serif typography, stacked vertically, and printed with a single black ink makes great use of the tall tin and its warm gold colour.

Typography, structural choice and straightforward language share a similar commercial kitchen utility and simplicity that suitably reflects Olis Bargalló’s relationship with professionals in gastronomy and commercial kitchens while the serif of the 18 and lighter sans-serif weights set horizontally offer contrast and temper the bold typography with a little detail. Although made up of few elements the solution effectively combines structure, colour and  typography in a way that appears bold and distinctive.

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Triticum designed by Lo Siento

Bakery packaging for Triticum designed by Lo Siento

Lo Siento have recently completed branding and packaging work for Triticum, a Spainish bakery founded by Xevi Remón. Based around a combination of a weighty, uncoated, unbleached substrate, rubber band, sticker, stamp and greaseproof paper. The structural design solution delivers a familiar, earthy, traditional and practical sensibility alongside the more distinctive and proprietary qualities of a non-adhesive, product specific form that allows the boxes to completely foldout. A smart concept that unites commodity and craft, and treats bread making with the same reverence as cakes and pastry.

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The Cannonball designed by Lo Siento

Logo design for Spanish production studio The Cannonball designed by Lo Siento

The Cannonball is a Spanish production studio that develops ‘creative and sophisticated audio-visual narratives’ within the fields of broadcast television, photography, social media, fashion films and motion graphics. Their visual identity, developed by Barcelona-based brand and graphic design agency Lo Siento working in collaboration with Dave Sedgwick, utilises a ball bearing, grid-based concept to give the associated force of the name a precision and a practical sense of creativity.

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